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Gozde Group Headquarters

Office Project in Malatya
Gozde Group
Location / Program / Area 
Malatya / Office / 1.200 m² 
Status / Date
Built / 2012

'Gozde Holding Headquarters' is a project that merges the strong background of Gozde Group. To emphasize this in design, transparent transitions are thought in order to intensify the feeling of wholeness and easy visibility. While these movable and transparent partition elements allow the interaction of the space, also the integration of units is provided. The entrance of the building works as an exhibition hall when needed as well as a reception hall including secretariat and lobby. Meeting and seminar rooms are also included on this floor which can be unified. The 3 storey of the building, allocates to corporate companies of Gozde Group, is planned similar organization scheme. With a minimalistic view, it is planned to use storage areas as possible as large. Office and lounge locate in the attic floor; pool, fitness center and other units locate in the basement floor. 

Office Perspektive

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