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Coworking Area - Levent 199 Zorlu Tower
Location / Program / Area 
Istanbul / Office / 2.700 m² 
Status / Date
Built / 2015

Workinton's co-working spaces motivate self-study as well as the team work. Those co-working areas, which all-in-one offer such working conditions that improve concentration and motivation in a comfortable environment through ergonomic furniture. Workinton-Levent 199, would be a model for branding new Workinton workspaces in other locations and transformation from existing workspaces.


Startups, small enterprises and big firms, freelancers and mobile employees as well as works and performers come together in this space. This organization schema of the space satisfies with needs of modern working trends. After analyzing all instant and constant needs, interior placement has been handled with flexibility and multi-functionality, thereby users satisfy their different needs.




















The first step of branding and interior design was preparing required guidelines and signage of the spaces, because Workinton’s users are usually mobile and the space should be perceived easily. The users would reach immediately the workspace they want to work.  Moreover, you won’t expose to the negative feeling of being a mobile employee in all Workinton workspaces. That’s why first step of the branding and interior design is to name all working space and units.


Although divisions made up of glass is chosen to separate spaces, the visual perception of whole space is preserved. All requirements of working- lighting, mechanical- are redesigned considering new placement. Graphical slogans prepared by Federation are placed strengthening corporate identity and graphical designs.


Workinton desk by designed EOX meets the need of various working habits. Prototype of Workinton Desk is produced by Koleksiyon, the desk is multiplied as much Workinton’s needs as. While some furnitures such as coffee-break, help desk and service table are produced distinctively, other mobile furnitures were chosen from Koleksiyon considering all corporate needs.

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